Vehicle Diagnostics in Armley

Our technician can diagnose problems quickly and accurately using the latest "specialised" diagnostic equipment.

Every vehicle owner wants the optimum level of performance from their car. With constant use some systems may stop performing to their optimum.

Do you have a stalling issue?

Do you get excessive smoke coming from the exhaust?

Are you making more trips to the petrol forecourt than you normally do? Overheating engine? Misfires?

With the latest diagnostic equipment our technician at SJS Autos can diagnose any engine management issues you may be experiencing.

We can then re-tune your car to give you -

Better Performance
Better Reliability
Better Economy
Reduced emissions


Our equipment can diagnose:

Engine Management light on Anti-lock Braking Systems
Engine Misfire Diesel Management Systems
Poor Performance Airbag / SRS Systems
\High Fuel Consumption CANbus Systems
Poor Starting Immobiliser Systems
MOT Failure Servce light resetting
Fuel Injection Systems